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12/1/06 11:52 pm - Wow!

Time flies! I hadn't realized it was so long since I had come here :) Oh well...

Plenty has happened and is in the process of happening. As many of us in various cultures, I too am gathering material to gift this season. My family has reclaimed Taino roots and have chosen to change tradition as it were.

The christians took over quite a bit by force (nothing personal, just read up on your history) and so we have chosen to change it. Christmas is a christian celebration of the birth of Jesus, so we have chosen to make Areyto- celebration. Any Native American will tell you a good powwow is welcome anytime and the best part is the give-away. So we will gather together on Dec 18th to share, eat, and give-away presents to each other. This, in part, is to avoid making the younger children feel left out of a common event and still keep away from the christian celebration. Hell, if the christians could change the pagan celebration to force people to worship the christian god, why not turn it around?

So being that I have young children in my family- all under 10- I am out and about seeking toys and books to stimulate their minds and creativity... We shall see what happens...

Happy Holidays everybody! Regardless of what your beliefs may be!

10/29/06 09:25 pm - October 2006

Well, two days before the month is up, one before my 37th birthday.

My recent reading of Jamie Sams, The Thirteen Clan Mothers, has inspired me to take some time for myself. The book encourages women to honor their needs, to take the time to re-up on energy, self esteem, self-love and creation on a monthly basis. It states that if a woman can honor these needs then she is able to carry on heer daily grind without losing herself in pettiness. Instead of honoring my needs I feel more like I am stealing time. Stealing because this is what it feels like... stealing time from my disabled, terminally ill mother, from my 8 yo child who is needing so much time and attention, from my companion who hasn't complained once; not to mention the myriad responsabilities one has ordinarily! I recognize the needs I have to spend some time alone, to create, sing, dance and just spend some time with me. Honoring or not, I am taking those first steps now... I pray to eventually make it to the 'honoring' part. In the meanwhile I will go through the motions as if...

This past weekend I spent it making ATCs, Artist Trading Cards. Google Artists trading cards for more info or look in my favorite links to the left there...

I finished 6 shaker cards! Making shakers is a bit time consuming but very satisfying. The whole point is to make a kind of rattle with the cards. I used two different techniques; the transparent 'window' and the watch crystal. Both examples are in my gallery under ATC if you care to take a gander.

I am a bit tired today so I think is all for now...

Have a great day and come again in a couple of weeks!

9/7/06 12:54 pm - First entry!

Wow! This is my very first entry... Dunno exactly what I am doing here but figured it's worth the effort.

With so many interests and activities going on in my life and those who's life I share I figured I would put it up on line for those friends and family members who are far to peek in once in a while. I hope to include rants and raves, art work (mine and my family's), musings, thoughts and opinions, maybe some open journaling...whatever! I haven't done this before so I am open to pretty much anything...

Today is fixing to be a pretty busy day for me so I think this will be it for now. Let's see what happens :) !

Have a wonderful day!
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